Congratulations, Dr. Andrea Ghez, Nobel Prize laureate!

Our team at Spitz Creative Media would like to congratulate Dr. Andrea Ghez, who shares this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for her work in proving that there is indeed a black hole at the center of the Milky Way! She is the fourth woman ever to win a Nobel Prize in Physics, and hopes the prize will inspire young people, and particularly women, to pursue careers in science. For additional details, check out the interview Dr. Ghez gave to NPR , as well as the article in Scientific American about Dr. Ghez’ 25-year endeavor to successfully refute those who claimed her work was “a waste of time”.

Dr. Ghez and her research are featured in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science blockbuster, Black Holes: the Other Side of Infinity, seen by millions worldwide and distributed by Spitz and Evans & Sutherland.