Unseen Universe

Suitable for: College, General Audiences, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12

Available languages: English

Covered subject areas: Cosmology, Earth Science, Solar System, Space Science & Astronomy

Runtime: 24 minutes

Release date: 2019

This exciting look into cutting edge astronomy features the Event Horizon Telescope and the first image of a black hole ever captured.

Made in association with ESO and the Houston Museum of Natural Science it explores the Universe far beyond our human senses. For millions of years our view of the heavens has been limited by our eyes; allowing us to only see a narrow band of electromagnetic radiation we call visible light.

For the first time ever, in the greatest breakthrough since the invention of the telescope, we now have the technology to capture the Universe over an amazing width of the spectrum and beyond. We can even interlink telescopes around the world to capture data on a global scale.

Unseen Universe provides a stunning visual treat as we explore the latest splendors of the heavens with a stirring score performed by the Utah Film Orchestra. It is an uplifting look at the new era of astronomy and what has yet to come.

Unseen Universe makes what was once thought to be unseeable, seeable.

Produced by E&S Digital Theater.